Stream videos, play your favourite music, share pictures and do much more at uninterrupted broadband speeds up to 8Mbps.Faster speeds mean more entertainment, more productivity and more time.
Initia Broadband offers you ‘symmetric speed’, i.e., equal Download and Upload speed. The term ‘symmetric’ means that, for maximum performance, you can always upload data at the same speed that you can download data. Just what you need for Uploading videos and sharing photos.
With the flexible Plans, you won’t need to worry about either pre-calculating your usage or staying within it. Initia broadband offers all attractive “No Bill Shock” plans to its customers.
We introduce you to a wide range of plans that focusses on all your needs.With our Flexible Broadband Plans you can rest easy. Choose your desired speed and data usage limit which fits into your pocket. You can choose between Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Annual plans and avail huge discounts.
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